Paul Redhead

Jan 112017

Plough Monday started with the traditional show in Comberton, at the cross roads outside the play school. With 10+ men, all recently re-schooled on the complexities of our Molly dances, David on fiddle and a decent crowd of onlookers we had a fine start to the day. Then it was off to Camborne and the Monkfield Arms (‘why’ I hear you cry – ‘because’ we say). Occasional light showers as we danced outside the shuttered-down take-aways before a couple of really enjoyable shows in the primary school across the road. Tea laid on by George – gratefully slurped – before setting off to join the Balsham Ploughboys for the evening. Weather deteriorating somewhat but thankfully not as cold as Balsham can be. Anyway, it’s the event that counts and as always we greatly enjoyed the stops for refreshment and general hospitality: a truly local event,

Here are some pictures from the day. Many thanks to John Saville for the images. The last one in the series comes from a set taken by Julian Eales. Follow the link to see a whole lot more he took at Comberton.

And here are a couple of short videos shot at Comberton by Graham Cox.


Gypsies in the Wood

Dec 062016

Saturday December 2016. It’s the day of that fabulous day-long street party, Mill Road Winter Fair. Will it be freezing? Who cares, it’s always a great day. Mill Road is choc-a-bloc from East Road down to Coleridge, virtually every shop has stall out with everything Cambridge’s most multi-cultural street can offer. And there’s loads of street entertainment including the Cambridge Morris Men (just don’t put us next to the Samba Band pleeeease!). We had a great day, as I hope these pictures show. Thanks to the dancers and to all friends who came up to say hello.

Rising to the occasion

Look ma, levitation!

Watch those sticks lads

Watch those sticks lads

Welcome Roger to CMM

Welcome Mark to CMM

A fine body of men...

A fine body of men…

Face off in Jockey

Face off in Jockey

Jump for joy Matt!

Jump for joy Matt!

Andrew's in the frame

Andrew’s in the frame

Nov 212016

Six elected members of CMM and nine honorary men were among the largest gathering of CMM members ever at that event on Saturday, 12th November:

Elected and Honorary Cambridge Morris Men at the event: Graham Cox, John Weaver, Matt Simons, Ollie Simons, Randolf Scott, Mike Garland, Adam Garland, Peter Halfpenney (not dancing but stood to sing a song), Jon Melville, Charlie Corcoran, Joe Oldaker, Roger Comley, Mike Wilkinson and Ian Phillips. And elected CMM musician: Liz Bassett.

It was a great evening.  At one stage the younger members of CMM, Anker MM, Jockey MM and ESMM (no doubt with others) performed a nine-man version of the Quaker, Bampton.  Much later Matt and Ollie were two of the three who performed correct Bucknell double capers in Saturday Night.