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  1. That was a glorious spring day in Huntingdon. We were idling about after a fine lunch at the Isaac Newton. It is great to remember Michael in a joyous mood. A few minutes later, David tuned up his fiddle and the two of them alternated the lead in tunes until the time for our next show.

    Thanks for this brilliant photograph, Christian!

  2. Good to catch up again with the Plough Monday antics. Glad you’re keeping up the ‘proper’ traditional Molly dancing rather than the lukewarm modern variation. Best wishes to all. R

  3. Looking forward to seeing you all

  4. Whereabouts and when in Newmarket and Chippenham.

  5. Rollo will be missed by me. I played in the Greenwood Tree and many rehearsals for the Purbeck Village Quire were held in our family home in Worth. His guidance, knowledge and humour were central to the rehearsals. I have treasured these memories through family commitments I had to drop out .
    I was very lucky to be associated with this lovely musician. x

  6. Wonderful. Keep at it men.